Ella regala amor gratuítamente. Es un ser adorable, sabe contagiar su alegría, pues en su pecho jamás se anida la negatividad. Abre sus puertas a la humanidad, desafía a los pesimistas e impone su optimismo.
Ella es uno con la belleza de la naturaleza, es cómplice del sol y también de la luna. Aníma tan solo con su mirada y plasma prosperidad en tu esencia. Es incansable, persistente, tenaz, sorprendente, sensible, bondadosa, cariñosa, es un ángel

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Monday, October 1, 2012

There is

And there are powerful thoughts. And there is faith that moves mountains and will. And there is trust and loyalty. And there are angels among us on earth. And there is hope and there is tolerance, because we all are equal. And there is your voice, there is liberty. And there are rights, there is peace. And there is the eternal love, there is the sun. And there is prudence and intelligence. And there is present, there is a future. And there are the customs, there is tradition. And there is education, there is a self-assessment. And there is a paradise, there is life. There is Life, There is Life! 
by SoSunny (Translation of "Existe")

Burrp, Huzzybuzzy, brrrp

Don´t you realize that the light shining in your eyes, has become dark and disappeared for several reasons ...? He is tired of fighting, seeks only for peace of mind and all he finds is anxiety! 
"Look at me, look at me, I do not want you to leave this unknown journey, please hold for a bit, will you?" From his mouth comes a cry from hell, his soul does not rest, his body and mind are aging. "Be strong, be steady!" 
His forces were depleted, his energy level almost finished. He asked again and again, how can people be so greedy and discuss in vain? 
My Love, I also do not understand it, I have no explanation.- I know that you're going wrong. - 
You are in a difficult situation, please do not give up, I do not want you to feel bad ... to find you destroyed! I can´t stand to see you sunk! 

All this has a special twist, because I love you more, much more, 
yes of course ...
An appetizing law that I feel for you! A delicious blend of Love! 
These puppets lost the papers with you ... 

Your house needs a woman's touch, my intuition tells me: "Now you decide where you're going!" He is the only one who marks his footsteps. I'm receptive because I know you agree with me! And he is pure nerve ... his thoughts are the centre of worry. 
- He suffers, I suffer! -

I hate to see him head down, without energy at all. He lives scared, lives caged in the middle of so much suffering, he forgets to take breath. He feels haunted by fear, feels accused, mistreated. I promised, that I would take care of you and so I will!
I love you and I will never let you down! 

He is a faithful man of word, though sometimes he disconnects from the world and cut off all conversation and leaves without any feature... 
He is tender, loving, kind, honest, intelligent, very funny 
and so special! 
He is the "Beautiful Soul", a brave man, who is completely devoted with his people, even though he is refused. He decided to choose course of isolation, when all he wanted is to achieve interior peace in exchange for nothing. 
Do not suffer more heart, do not suffer!

by SoSunny
(The english version of "Burrp, Huzzybuzzy, brrrp")