Ella regala amor gratuítamente. Es un ser adorable, sabe contagiar su alegría, pues en su pecho jamás se anida la negatividad. Abre sus puertas a la humanidad, desafía a los pesimistas e impone su optimismo.
Ella es uno con la belleza de la naturaleza, es cómplice del sol y también de la luna. Aníma tan solo con su mirada y plasma prosperidad en tu esencia. Es incansable, persistente, tenaz, sorprendente, sensible, bondadosa, cariñosa, es un ángel

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Careful, here I come!

"Not pronounced verses lived in my hidden corner,
it was a hidden corner for long time,
but now it is well determined, to scream to exterior its interior ...
Pay attention to the consequences, no one can be saved,
do not object, it will not hurt, on the contrary, it will be verses 

that will act as a sparkling stimulant with the art of a lover,
who is happy combining valuable content of the discrete alphabet!"

by SoSunny

(English version of "cuidado, que voy")

Love is

Love is free as the wind,
is warm as a hug,

is faithful lover,
a pure diamond, a good companion.
La la la lala laa

Love is sweet, delicious as a cake,

is a word at a good level,

is faithful assistant
to survive in a cramped time.
La la la lala laa

Love is amazing as a trip to the moon,

is vibrant, flying without any vaccine,
is faithful relaxing, very exciting,
I hope you will stay with me forever
as a good sympathizer.

La la la lala laa

Love is captivating as shooting stars,
narrator of thousand stories,
is faithful founder,
no traitor, is the winner,
a fighter, an inventor!
La la la lala laa

(English version of "El Amor es") 

by SoSunny

Love Yourself

It does not matter what others think of you, what interests is just that you respect yourself. Always handle with caution, with wisdom, being faithful to your principles, faithful to your belief. If you still do not love yourself to 100% - then start now - Today is the best day to change your behavior; correct it! It is fundamental for you, for your life, it affects your environment, It affects your self-esteem. - Be yourself, be your Holy One of devotion to God, be your center of worship, love you inordinate! engrave it in your mind and have it always present, always present! Put your head upside down. You are the one who chooses to love yourself, the one who decides to dissolve, to dispose of the existing ballast. Fling off the burden, do not put obstacles in your way. Eliminate any barriers that make a racket and: "Allow yourself from now on full bliss, you deserve it, but you owe it to you, too! "

(English version of "Ámate")
by SoSunny

Magic Feather

I have a magic feather that moves handwriting!

It is guilty of these blessed writings.
It invites you to formulate several verses.
And does not stop, until it reachs its divine final.
Oh! I'm in love with my little feather!
And all for free, it only invites me.
I do not want to lose you on the way,

or leave in oblivion, because I like when I combine.
I like. I like to combine the ABC.
My feather is coming to an end divine.
Saying that, it is not just my magic feather,
but life that makes you a poet.

by SoSunny 
(English version of "Pluma Mágica")

Not easy, not easy!

It is with her skin that he dreams at night.
It involves wasting splendid thoughts and feelings. 
It happens in last night followed by day after tomorrow. 
He seeks a present in the future. 
He was different when he noticed her close to him.
He does not remember either her voice. 
He tries to listen and to relive the sound of an "I love you" in his ear.
Not easy, not easy!
He lives anchored to the ocean, unable to move his wings. 
He lives in love with her
He would give his life for her and even kill for her.
Is that Love?

There is lot of discipline, he lives forced by his friend patience. 
Not easy, not easy!
From illusions people live and he does not want to despair.

They make a cute couple, filled with much love,
complicity and high quality of respect.
But everything in the distance!
Not easy, not easy!

by SoSunny
(Version of "No es fácil, no es fácil" in english)